A Brief Check In….

Well it has been about 10 days. I have been focusing mainly on adjusting to changing my diet. Last week involved the first trip to the grocery store and meal planning. I also purchased a gym membership ( thank-you to Ashley!) and joined a a Facebook group for people new to the slow carb diet ( thanks for the suggestion Coralee!) This group has been helpful for me  to familiarize myself with success strategies, frequently and frequently asked questions. There is also discussion on recipes and meal planning.

The diet itself has been pretty manageable. I found the meals filling and didn’t feel hungry of deprived. The meal planning was pretty simple.

I ate a lot of chicken…

You can eat any combination of this list of whole foods . The guidelines for eating are pretty simple and I didn’t mind repeating the same meals ( which made food preparation easier).

I look forward to connecting with others through the Facebook group in particular as there are a number of good topics discussed there. In terms of my own accountability, I think this blog is going to be central. This is simply because I need to write about my progress at regular intervals.

My goal this week is to add physical activity into the equation. I want to use social media to find a workout that I can do ( preferably from home or in my office). If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share. I’ll be looking into this starting tomorrow. At the very least it should be hilarious.

I will mention briefly that I have been tracking my weight and body fat percentage (using a super technical Health-O-Meter scale I purchased in 2010) As of Monday morning I was 218lbs ( down from 226lbs) and my body fat percentage was 34% ( down from 36).  Although using these scales does present challenges in terms of accuracy , as long as I am consistently weighing in at the same time of day and under the same conditions it should give me a good idea as to which way I am trending.


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