Check In #2 You too Can Search YouTube for “How to Use YouTube.” Another Thesis Title Bites the Dust.

Well here I am again. Included in this post is the very first video I have ever uploaded. I wanted to include some different types of media into my blog, so here it is in all its glory. In the interest of full transparency this process has been a bit terrifying, but not for the reasons I originally suspected. Prior to this class I really hadn’t had much to do with social media. I’ve have used Facebook for a number of years but mostly as a third party observer ( as I type this I am suddenly acutely aware of how creepy that sounds). What I mean to say is apart from a status update every few months and the odd hilarious cat video, I haven’t been an active participant within the realm of social media ( there that feels better!).

So to move from being a social media neophyte to recording videos of myself making a record of my fitness goals has been a very new process for me. I’m learning some interesting things about myself. The following is a list of observations I have made since my last check in:

  1. I think I can finally confirm that I am in fact an introvert. Yes, it is true. Every week I sit down to write on this blog and feel a strangely invigorated and terrified at the same time. I guess this is kind of like keeping a journal. On the internet. Where everyone can see it. If you listen carefully you can hear the muffled screams of my inner introvert. At the same time this is a powerful means of connecting with my classmates and colleagues. I would be very interested to hear what other people’s experience has been.
  2.  I’m learning a lot. In truth, it hasn’t been what I expected. Allow me to explain. Have you ever tried to start a YouTube account, then realized you had no idea what you were doing and then found yourself searching YouTube for ” how to use YouTube?” Yes, it turns out I am that guy. At any rate I found out all that I needed to know. I suppose this is what happens when an observer of social media takes the first steps toward becoming an active participant. I look forward to learning more about this process.
  3. The things I’m learning have less to do with diet and fitness and more to do with how to incorporate these things into my life. I’m learning that the internet is a great provider of ” what to do” to be healthier. It is up to me to determine ” how” best to do it. I hope this makes sense. In a way this is not unlike what I have written in this blog about principles of use of social media for nursing students. I a very real way I am having to sift through online information and determine ( in my case about health and fitness) determine what meets my needs and how to incorporate  into my own life. Whoa. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see that one coming.
  4. Lastly, I will jot something down about progress. As mentioned in the video I am down 10 lbs. For my next entry, I’m going to attempt to record a snippet of one of the workouts I’m doing and talk a bit more about some of the tools and resources I have found helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope your projects are going well and I look forward to reading about them!

6 thoughts on “Check In #2 You too Can Search YouTube for “How to Use YouTube.” Another Thesis Title Bites the Dust.

  1. Awesome work! That is so exciting that you are seeing results already! Keep up the hard work! You have encouraged me to consider doing a video as well. I feel the same as that seems like something completely out of my comfort zone but seeing others do it gives me the encouragement to try it out! Stay tuned to see if I muster up enough courage! Cant wait to continue watching your journey! Good luck!!!


  2. Way to go my friend! Like Channing, you have given me courage to try a vlog on my progress in the future. Thank you for being one of the first to put yourself out there! Documenting my learning on becoming more organized has been a humbling experience in that I am sharing a personal journey not just to our classmates, but as you mentioned, our thoughts, photos, videos can potentially be viewed by millions. While this may be somewhat intimating, it definitely provides us an opportunity to practice being a good digital citizen and creating our digital identity.

    So proud of your accomplishments so far! Way to go!


  3. This is great!!! I am with you in the introvert area. People who know me would argue as I do talk a lot, but when it comes to myself, I am a closed book…. extremely introverted and private. Well done for sharing this. You also have inspired me to post a video of myself, and I laughed out loud when you talked about googling a “how to use You tube” on you tube. So funny.
    I am excited to follow your journey…. Good luck.


  4. Keep up the great work Matt! I also am going to have to “you tube” how to “you tube”. We are in the same boat! I find it completely daunting to video record my progress, I don’t even enjoy hearing my voice on a microphone in lectures! Well done, as Coralee said, you are giving us courage to try this as well!


  5. Way to go Matt! Your hard work in achieving your goal is starting to pay off. Your courage is infectious; your willingness to push yourself out of you comfort zone is the encouragement other introverts (like me) need. Keep up the great work!


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