Learning Project: The Plan Moving Forward.

It has been a busy few days since my last check in. I began weight training for the first time in many years. I met with one of the trainers at the fitness center at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. He helped me develop a resistance training program for this project. For those who are interested it is an upper body lower body split routine that I do 3 to 4 times a week (for the sake of simplicity I just alternate the upper and lower body routines). The program is built to focus on hypertrophy and strength ( I’ll post a copy of the routine below).

Unfortunately, I have not see a change in my weight since the last update. Moving forward I plan use the My Fitness Pal app with a greater degree of discipline. Originally, I thought it wasn’t as necessary if I just stuck to the foods prescribed by the slow carb diet . This is all well and good but it turns out it was a tougher prospect then I originally thought. Use of  My Fitness Pal keeps me from falling off the wagon. Food tracking helps with accountability  and the app tracks your progress well. I also have decided to go with a 30 day free trial of the premium app. This thing does it all. It also gives me access to blog posts and videos   on a variety of fitness and nutritional subjects. I feel a bit silly that I haven’t been using this tool to it’s full capacity. However, I do have the next few weeks to employ it for the remainder of the class. I’m excited to see what I can do. For anyone unfamiliar with the app please see the short video below:

This app also streamlines things for me in that I have access to good information in one place. Whereas before I was searching various blogs ( Tim Ferriss and Mark’s Daily Apple come to mind) and YouTube videos to gather information now I can look for topics through  My Fitness Pal and use that as a main source of information.

Moving forward my plan is:

  1. Focus on tracking my intake using the My Fitness Pal  app ( honestly I think this will have the greatest impact on my ability to lose body fat).
  2. Continue with the training regimen as prescribed by the good people at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic fitness center.
  3. Use this blog as a means of documenting my progress ( I will post weekly updates and reflections likely on Fridays as that is a slower day for me).

This is a simple plan but not necessarily easy. I think with consistent use  of  My Fitness Pal  and using a training program  that is sustainable and fits well into my work life ( I am learning to organize my day to fit training in while I’m at work. This way I can leave my evenings and weekends open for being a dad.) I will check back in on Friday hopefully with some lower numbers. Below are some pictures of the adventures I had returning to the weight room.

Capture 3.JPG
Boy. It looks so simple and innocent when I see it written out here. How misleading.
Here we go… First time here since 2002.
Hello leg press. I’m happy to see you’re still here. You know, it is funny I remember you have more weight on last time I was in here. What’s that you seem to remember me with less weight on the last time I was in here? Shut up leg press.
Bro, are those 45’s? Heck yes.


All kidding aside. Standing shoulder press has been the most challenging exercise I’m learning. And yes those are 20lb dumbbells. 
This has been fun! I’ve been doing punching drills on this heavy bag for cardio. Presently I’m up to three two minute rounds. I should get on twitter and call out Floyd Mayweather, then I could take the kids to Dino Bouncers a couple times a year.

I was going to shoot a few short videos but I’m not entirely sure about the rules surrounding that. I hope the pictures added something. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to catching up with yours as well!



7 thoughts on “Learning Project: The Plan Moving Forward.

  1. Firstly, Henry is adorable.
    Second…. you are doing great. I conquer with the challenges faced with a young family, juggling all life’s schedules, but I have learned that it is so important to pay attention to your own needs for mental, physical and emotional health. Keep doing what you are doing… you are doing great!!


  2. Awesome work, Matt! Thanks for sharing your journey in an open and honest way. it is so tough with small kids. It is nice that you have a fitness facility at work so that you can save time and work out without an extra stop.


  3. Thanks for sharing your progress! I like your little sidekick! I find that prioritizing wellness into my daily routine a challenge as well with a young family. It is nice to have some sort of accountability, such as this blog, to keep you motivated. In my experience, the more I concentrated on wellness the easier it became and the more I was motivated to continue. Although life gets in the way sometimes, you will always have these foundational skills!

    As your armchair fitness pal, you might need to eat more to lose weight. Counterintuitive, but hear me out. This summer I was on a meal plan and working out daily, but after the first couple of pounds, I stopped losing weight for 3 weeks. I thought my scale was broken after a while. My cousin, a fitness trainer, told me my body may think it is in starvation mode and is refusing to let any more pounds go. I increased my carbs slightly and presto! I started to lose weight again. 🙂 Just a thought.

    Also, you may be gaining in muscle what you are losing in fat. Therefore, you might be losing inches but not weight.

    Keep up the great work!


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