The Bodyweight Training App: A Review

In my last post, I wrote about my experience with interval training. In this post I would like to review an app that has been helpful in allowing me to use a body weight interval workout routine it is called the Bodyweight Training App by Mark Lauren . Let’s take a look at it shall we?

The title screen for the app give you two options, you can choose from a number of body weight workouts that come with the app, or you can build your own to suit your skill and fitness level ( that has been my approach). The exercises option gives you video of how to perform over 200 exercises.
This is the selection screen for exercises. You can learn how to perform exercises from any of these categories. The progressions option gives you step by step plans for mastering some of the more challenging movements (e.g. pull ups, handstand push ups and one-armed pushups).


You can build your own workouts based on your own skill and fitness level. You can then add them to your favorites list.
This is a simple 3 exercise interval routine I made using the workout builder option. One feature I really like is that the app doesn’t just act as an interval timer. You track how many repetitions you complete each round.  Personally, I like this because it makes me focus on how many repetitions I am doing rather than wondering when the round will end. It sounds like a minor difference, but I swear it makes a big difference.

I will mention that this program works on 1 minute intervals for each exercise with the goal of 12 to 14 repetitions per an exercise. The faster I complete the repetitions the more time I have to rest between sets. I find this to be an interesting way of approaching interval training. It encourages intensity almost by using rest as an incentive ( I hope that makes sense). I find this to be quite effective. I should mention that these intervals are repeated 3 times for each exercise. On paper this doesn’t look like much but, I don’t mind telling you that I find it challenging.


The app comes with a number of guided workouts that you can perform over a 10 week period. Again, these programs are arranged in a progressive manner. The app also supplies a quick workouts option. With this option the app randomly assigns a 4 exercise Tabata workout based on your fitness level and the length of time you want to workout.

Strengths: Overall, I found this app quite intuitive and easy to use. As mentioned I think a real strength is the way exercises are presented in a progressive way that allows for people of different fitness levels to perform these exercises. The other feature of the app that is helpful is that all of the workouts are adaptable. If you need to alter any of the workouts you can (e.g. add/remove exercises and rounds and alter interval times to suit your needs). The videos and written descriptions of the are helpful. Using this app has taken the guesswork out-of-body weight training for me.  The app also syncs with Apple music  to supply a song list to play during the workout. The app can also link with the Health app on Iphones to track activity (the app is also available for Android).

Limitations:  I the workout history  feature a bit lacking. It simply tracks the exercise you performed and the number of repetitions. This could be strengthened by supplying a graph or some kind of visual to help the user track their progress.The app also is not connected with the Bodyweight training blog which you can find here. Again it is a small detail but I think it would add to the user experience. The cost was also a bit high at $7.99.

Even considering the above limitations I would recommend this app to anyone interested in incorporating body weight exercises into their training regimen. For those of you who are interested please feel free to few this video I made demonstrating the progression ( beginner to intermediate, I’m not at advanced yet )of the exercises I’m using in my workout. I thought it would give you a better understanding of what the Bodyweight Training App offers. Plus you don’t have to shell out 8 bucks.

As always, thank-you for your comments and suggestions. A shout out to Shelby for her mention of the Nike Training Club app for those of you interested in a free fitness app! Thanks again for reading and try not to laugh too hard if you watch the video. Also a big thanks to my friend Dan for helping me film this ( follow him at @Dan_Lee80 . He’s awesome.) Happy push ups everyone!

NOTE: In the video I mention that dips work your lats. Although, they are recruited a bit in the movement of your shoulders a pulling excercise would probably work better ( i.e. a pull up of lat pull down) Sorry. It was a long day at work.



11 thoughts on “The Bodyweight Training App: A Review

  1. Loved your video, Matt! It helped me understand that part of the app better. I like that the app has videos showing how to do different exercises at different levels of difficulty. I would find that really handy.


  2. Thanks for sharing your journey, Matt! Loved the video! You can tell you are in the health field – you were dropping names of body parts like you might actually know what they are. 🙂 You video really demonstrated the components of the app and I found it useful. Thanks again!


  3. The sheer number of health apps is overwhelming. It;s so hard to pick a good one. Thanks for the recommendation! It makes a bit easier once someone you know has tried it out and can give their opinion. You’re right: $7.99 for an app is slightly steep. Is the $7.99 total price or is a subscription-based service? Can you integrate Google Play instead of Apple Music?


  4. I so agree with many of these comments – the struggle is real when you’re trying to find a good fitness app! I have tried MANY in search of one I like that won’t break the bank and has what I’m looking for but I had never heard of this one. Sometimes I feel like fitness companies take advantage of the fact that people are often in a certain mindset when searching for a fitness solution – either you’re unhealthy looking to get back into caring for yourself or you’re into fitness trying to achieve different goals, or you worked hard and are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think this app looks worth a shot. I appreciate your honesty and your thorough walk through – I wish I would have had the chance to have something like this for each app I have tried…would have made my choices a lot more informed and I am sure I wouldn’t have wasted as much time and money. 😦 Thanks Matt!


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